We believe that a bank is built on trust, not money. Our Clients are therefore foremost in our minds.

We believe that national development starts with the prospect of local economies. Our Bank shall be in the forefront to serve with economic development in our sights.

Competence to serve is our trademark. We are a service-driven organization, managed by honest, talented and professional staff whose paramount aim is to be the best in the service of our clients.

Quality service is what we must therefore provide, through constant training, careful management of our systems and strategies to meet or even exceed the expectations of our clientele.

We can achieve all these through teamwork; and we shall strive at all times to work hand in hand putting our whole hearts and minds in the interest of everyone.


10 Sep 19
TD No. 34065

Description: Residential Lot Area : 1507 Sq Meters Location : Malindong Binmaley, Pangasinan Selling...

20 Oct 17
TCT NO. 027-2016001294

Description: Agricultural Land Pasture land with an area of 94,917 sqm  and cogon land with an...

29 Sep 17
TD NO. 14163

Description: Residential Lot Location: Baloling Mapandan, Pangasinan Lot Area: 540 sqm Selling Price...

28 Sep 17
TCT NO. 12400, TCT NO. 12401

Description:  A Parcel of land Lot area: 1535 sqm Location: Cataguintigan, Rosario La Union Selling...

28 Sep 17
TCT NO. 92141,TCT NO. 92140

Description: TCT-92141 A parcel of land with an area of 291 sqm located at Res. Sec. “J”...

28 Sep 17
TCT NO. 025-2012001211

Description: A parcel Land Location: Cataguintingin, Rosario La Union Lot Area: 1799 sqm Selling Pri...

28 Sep 17
TCT NO. 025-2012001210

Description: A parcel of Land Location: Cataguintingan, Rosario La Union Lot Area: 1796 sqm Selling...