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1.  Savings Deposits

2.  Time Certificate of Deposits

3.  Demand Deposits




                Agricultural Loans

Loans granted to borrowers who are not beneficiaries of agrarian reform to finance activities relating to agriculture and processing, marketing, storage and distribution of products resulting from these activities.


                Agrarian Reform Loans - PD 717

Loans granted to beneficiaries of agrarian reform, namely: tillers, tenant farmers, settlers, agricultural lessees, amortizing owners, owner-cultivators, farmers, cooperatives and compact farms for the following purposes:

a.        Acquisition of work animals, farm equipment and machinery, seeds, fertilizers, poultry, livestock, feeds and other similar items;

b.       Acquisition of land authorized under the Agrarian Reform Code of the Philippines and its amendments;

c.        Construction and/or acquisition of facilities for production, processing, storage and marketing; and

d.       Efficient and effective merchandising of agricultural commodities stored and/or processed by the facilities aforecited.


Commercial Loans


Industrial Loans


                Other Short Term Loans


                Medium Term Loans


                Long Term Loans


                Micro-finance Loans

Loans granted to the basic sectors and to the poor and low-income households for their microenterprises and small business so as to enable them to raise their income levels and improve their living standards.



                Money Shop Loans








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